Privacy Statement

Your privacy matters to us.

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Your privacy matters to us.

In our world of ever-increasing privacy concerns, we feel it's important (if not required by law) to let you know how you data is collected when you use various aspects of this site or listen to the episodes of the podcast.

But privacy within podcasting is made a bit complicated by how you interact with our content, especially the audio files that make up our show.

So in the interest of full disclosure, we're providing a list of the privacy policies of all the services we use to make Podcast Pontifications happen.

Of course, there are many other providers and services in the mix after that. If you listen to Podcast Pontifications through a podcast listening app, online directory, or some other service, there will be other privacy policies applicable to you. If you have concerns about how your chosen podcast listening app, directory, or services is collecting data, please look for their privacy policy. It should be linked prominently.

Final note: We do not share or sell or share any of your information provided by the services listed here. Any data collected is only used to either provide the service or improve our delivery of said service to you, the listener.

While we have taken steps to ensure the accuracy of the above statements and policies, much of this is beyond our control. We'll strive to keep this page updated with any changes. Please contact if you have any additional concerns.

Podcast Pontifications Is No More

But Evo does have a new weekly newsletter called The End shines a light back on audio fiction shows when they've reached the—or at least a—conclusion. Check it out!