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Get Some Value? Give Some Value!

That's the value-for-value (sometimes listed as value4value, because it's the internet) model podcasting is slowly—but surely—transitioning to. You can call it support, donation, virtual coffee purchase... whatever you like! But if you're here, it means you found something of value in an episode, and article, or maybe even a Twitter thread, and you want to return the value. To quote the great Ted Lasso, I appreciate you!

There are a variety of value-for-value options. And no, I genuinely have no preference!

☕ Buy Me A Virtual Coffee

For years, I've used the Buy Me A Coffee service to allow people do just that: buy me a virtual coffee! And it's still there today, 100% powered by the fine folks at BMAC. Hi, Jijo! You have two options:

  1. A one-time coffee purchase. You can buy one, three, five, or 20 virtual coffees. It's up to you!
  2. A recurring coffee purchase (on an annual or monthly basis). That comes with some special perks, like access to a private channel in the Advancing Podcasting community and some special recognition on the website!

🏦 PayPal Me

I've had a PayPal account since forever, because I'm old and that's how we did things then. Perhaps you do as well. No complexities here. You just click this link (ASW Consulting Services is the name of my umbrella company, and did I mention I set this up a loooooong time ago) and choose the amount of value you want to send my way.

💳 Venmo Me

Alternately, you may be in the Venmo generation. Hey, me too! You can send me an amount of value you wish right here:

💰 Stream Me Some Satoshis

If you're using one of the new podcast apps that allows for the streaming of sats and sending of boosts while you listen to Podcast Pontifications, great! The show is set up so boost away!

💸 Send Me Some Crypto

KI'm a dabbler in crypto, at best. OK, I'm actually a complete moron when it comes to this stuff. But at least I figured out how to get some wallets set up for the following currencies:

  • XPR - rJ4ELscRfd3aY7tYe62LbVirppX5gmGvFX
  • ETH - 0xAF926da4F22abA3Ab6F43A6329a2F1472de496E9
  • LTC - ltc1q4fwjpgun3nvv9rvnh3z7zh7y9fzrc5tpdjzpek
  • BTC - 3D15jXTsckRXzAUjLiD3thJ6qfHT6ei6Lv
  • SATS - 03c457fafbc8b91b462ef0b8f61d4fd96577a4b58c18b50e59621fd0f41a8ae1a4

🐦 Tweet Me Money!

Twitter now makes it easy to send money, either normal or digital, to me. Well, anybody who has it setup. Which I have! Just go to my Twitter profile and click the bank note icon near the top and choose the value you wish to give!

Use a Premium Paid Subscription

If you're using Apple Podcasts or Spotify, you can pay for a sponsor-free subscription to the show! When you subscribe, you should see an option to upgrade Podcast Pontifications Preferred. Check it out!

Become A Sponsor of Podcast Pontifications

If you have a product or service that's relevant to those in the podcasting industry, I now have sponsorship opportunities available! There's even an option for podcasters who want to have their show featured in the articles I publish and send out via the newsletter. More details on the Sponsorship page.

Thanks for your consideration and your support. It really helps ensure this continues so we can all make podcasting better.

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