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The Gateway Drug To Podcasting Is You

Give them an IHNI instead. I Had No Idea Podcasts Could Be So Great! “I had no idea!” That’s what IHNI stands for, and that’s what you want to hear as they listen.

How To Be A Not-So-Pushy Podcast Pusher

Well. over a year ago, I made reference to a new acronym: IHNI. That stands for “I Had No Idea…”. And an IHNI podcast is one that once listened to by someone who doesn’t yet enjoy podcasts on a regular basis, they’ll say.

The Secret To Growing Podcasting Is More IHNIs

The Secret To Growing Podcasting Is More IHNIs. The best way you can be a steward of podcasting for others. August 2, 2018. The Secret To Growing Podcasting Is More IHNIs. Article. Video. Article.

The Podcast Academy: Podcasting's Usurper or Savior?

I’m convinced that when people’s first encounter with podcasting provides an IHNI - “I Had No Idea podcasts could this amazing” - moment, they tend to seek out more amazing content.

How Can You Give Back To Podcasting?

So. keep a few IHNIs at hand. IHNIs, you may recall, are podcasts that sound amazing and cause first-time listeners to say “. I. H. ad. N. o. I. dea that this is what podcasts were like!”, hooking them for life. 6.

Pushing Podcasting The Responsible Way

IHNIs (”I Had No Idea Podcasts could sound this great!” shows). But I don’t always play it safe. Depending on who’s asking for the recommendation and what I know about them, I’m likely to suggest other podcasts that aren’t right for everyone.