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Overcoming Download Depression Syndrome

Overcoming Download Depression Syndrome. Tracking downloads of your podcast can be really enlightening. It can also be really depressing. So let's put this particular metric in a box start deal with “downloads” for what they really are. July 15, 2019

Dealing With Decimated Downloads

Dealing With Decimated Downloads. Have you taken a look at your podcasts’ download stats lately? Are they trending in the wrong direction? And is there anything you can do about it? You’ve got questions, I’ve got… well, more questions for you to ask of

Tracking Podcast Downloads Is Worthless To Everyone

downloads. So that's dumb. And then there's the fact that apps and sometimes individuals go [00:06:30] rogue downloading everything. And that screws up your numbers because they download 900 of your episodes. That's a dine hundred downloads. That doesn't mean you

Apple Podcasts' Switch To Streaming Will Decimate Downloads

it doesn't automatically download it just simply downloads a file, streams the file, if you will, when someone requests to play it. It looks like that's what Apple is switching to. Now, because of that difference in behavior, Apple automatically downloading

Driving Downloads From Drive-Bys

Driving Downloads From Drive-Bys. It's hard to perfectly integrate your podcast and your website. Yet it's actually quite simple to get the most critical things right on your page or site. In fact, it’s so simple that I will fix it for you over a cup of

How Do Podcasters Recapture The Ones That Got Away?

downloaded. What’s less clear is the scale at which that happens. Captivate exposes that data, and that data surprised me. Unique Downloaders vs Unique Downloads. In a moment, I’m going to share with you the numbers of unique downloaders for my show. But I need

Facing Podcasting's Round Peg Square Hole Problem

the way that those numbers are counted, are counted differently. There's a different process. Let me tell you what I mean very briefly. Apple Podcasts auto-downloads - by the way, so it does Overcast - your episodes of your show, so a download is just simply

A Little Thinking On Big Podcast Stats

download my episodes. Specifically, 33.3% of all downloads since that day were attributed to Apple Podcasts. If that number looks a little small - Apple is routinely touted as having over 50% market share - I remind you that my podcast is different than the run

Would You Prefer Accurate Or Actionable Podcast Metrics?

creepy, no. They give information beyond the download. There's just only so much data we can get by looking at downloads and we just have to have more. So really what it means to me is now I have to go update all my clients. I've got to tell my clients that

Did Your Podcast Grow In 2019?

audience to download than producers who drop episodes weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or on a more ad hoc schedule. Also often enough, a new person discovers a long-running show and downloads the entire back catalog. This happens to me fairly regularly, so