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Overcoming Download Depression Syndrome

Overcoming Download Depression Syndrome. Tracking downloads of your podcast can be really enlightening. It can also be really depressing. So let's put this particular metric in a box start deal with “downloads” for what they really are. July 15, 2019.

Dealing With Decimated Downloads

Dealing With Decimated Downloads. Have you taken a look at your podcasts’ download stats lately? Are they trending in the wrong direction? And is there anything you can do about it?

Tracking Podcast Downloads Is Worthless To Everyone

Tracking Podcast Downloads Is Worthless To Everyone. Article. Video. Transcript. Download Audio. Audio Inbox. Comments. Article.

Apple Podcasts' Switch To Streaming Will Decimate Downloads

And though they really aren’t getting less, they're perceiving the drop in downloads as less. Live by the download sword, die by the download sword.

Driving Downloads From Drive-Bys

Driving Downloads From Drive-Bys. It's hard to perfectly integrate your podcast and your website. Yet it's actually quite simple to get the most critical things right on your page or site.

How Do Podcasters Recapture The Ones That Got Away?

Better said, a lot of people will download an episode of a podcast once, never to download another episode or that podcast again. Harsher reality: They might never even listen to the file they downloaded.

A Little Thinking On Big Podcast Stats

Download Audio. Audio Inbox. Comments. Article. Which podcast listening app is responsible for most of your downloads? No, you don't need to check. Assuming your show is trending like just about every other podcast, the answer is. Apple Podcasts. , right?

Would You Prefer Accurate Or Actionable Podcast Metrics?

In theory, the listener experience wouldn’t change and the audio file would still be download to the listener’s iOS device. But that move effectively shut out the visibility of that download to the intelligence providers employed by the podcast publisher.

Unmeasurable Metrics: Seeking Serendipity

Download Audio. Audio Inbox. Comments. Article. While it's smart to have measurable business objectives for your podcast, focusing too much on easily tracked items such as downloads and reviews can cause you to miss out on serendipity.

Facing Podcasting's Round Peg Square Hole Problem

Download Audio. Audio Inbox. Comments. Article. Most podcasters, at least those of us who wish our shows to grow, want three things.