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Focus Collaboration For Focused Audience Growth

10 shows in the charts are all from big companies most of the time is because of something called "the network effect". The network effect means comes from an actual network of other shows working together to elevate a brand new -- or perhaps re-launched

Sept 12 2018: The Rise of Skynet of Podcasting?

network. Effective yesterday, they are the biggest -- and smartest! -- podcast advertising company. Oh, and they also think it's stupid how we book podcast ads, too. They're taking it digital, and everyone else will be forced to play catchup. Because if they

Should You Join Or Form A Podcast Network?

Podcast Networks: A Great Concept. I think podcast networks can be great. I've covered the benefits of “the network effect” previously. Some very large podcast networks, like Wondery and Vox Media, are masters at using their networks as promotional vehicles

Sharing Is Caring (About Your Podcast)

this mistake. You want to make sure your episodes and your entire show can be shared easily. In absence of a big ad budget or built-in “network effect”, having your fans share the show is really the only way to get your show to grow. Somebody shares your

Growing Your Podcast By Solving Someone's Pain

one that. does. focus more on solving pain. You can probably grow that podcast much faster because you already have a platform (hello, network-effect) of people interested in your topic. Some of them would probably love to have more related content that’s

Podcasting's Hollowed-Out Middle Class

internal network effect to raise those shows up. To lift them up to the higher subscriber numbers, so they quickly move from no listeners to tens or hundreds of thousands of listeners very quickly. That's number one. Number two, as our listening apps and our

Exploring Podcasting's Effort Hockey Stick

Exploring Podcasting's Effort Hockey Stick. September 25, 2018. 4 types of podcast and their efforts explained. Listen to the episode. Read The article. Not surprisingly, there's a correlation between complexity and effort when it comes to podcasting. The

3 Things To Master Before Promoting Your Podcast

conversations. Networks come in all shapes and sizes. Start building yours now. And if you can't build your network, then you borrow one. No, don't pay to access one. At least not yet. But you borrow someone else's network when you ask them to be a part of

Podcast SEO is Hard. Is It Worth The Effort?

Podcast SEO is Hard. Is It Worth The Effort? April 8, 2020. It’s hard enough to make a podcast that sounds great and appeals to your audience. Getting your episodes to show up on a web search isn’t just harder. It’s probably antithetical to how you create

What Business Podcasters Can Learn From Game of Thrones and the Indy 500

anticipation for your coverage? Of course, when HBO, NBC, or other networks do this, they have the power of a network behind them. As a business podcaster, you probably are not part of a network. But you could build your own. I've talked previously about the DIY