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Focus Collaboration For Focused Audience Growth For Your Podcast

The reason that the top 10 shows in the charts are all from big companies most of the time is because of something called "the network effect".

Should You Join Or Form A Podcast Network?

I've covered the benefits of “the network effect” previously. Some very large podcast networks, like Wondery and Vox Media, are masters at using their networks as promotional vehicles.

How Can You Give Back To Podcasting?

Start generating your own network effect across all of your podcasts. Or even think about building a new podcast together, if that makes sense for all of you. Great things will happen when you pool your efforts together, collaborating and sharing ideas.

Podcast Like A Celebrity With 5 Easy Tips

Or bankrolled by a network. But you’re not sitting on millions of extra dollars, so you probably don’t have that luxury. Instead, you have to evaluate every cost balanced against the revenue potential it might bring to you or your show. 4.

Sharing Is Caring (About Your Podcast)

But I’m smart enough not to share a link directly to the show in Apple Podcasts with my social network. Android phones have a bigger market share than iPhones, and the Apple Podcasts does nothing but frustrate Android users.

Creative Ways To Get More Ad Dollars For Your Smaller Podcast

Seen from that perspective, acquiring huge podcasts is a relatively safe bet if you can add in more efficient ad buying, expand the network effect, or create more packaged deals and bundles that can lead to single ad buys in the multiple millions.

Growing Your Podcast By Solving Someone's Pain

Or the more difficult but perhaps more enjoyable effort of making the podcast you want and then trying to attract others who might care about what you’ve built.

Podcasting's Hollowed-Out Middle Class

But if they neither love nor hate it, many people just won’t make the effort to say “it was OK”. So it's pretty natural to see a hollowed-out middle when it comes to ratings and reviews. We don't have that distribution chart in podcasting.

Tracking Podcast Downloads Is Worthless To Everyone

But it doesn’t take much imagination to see how a deliberate and distributed effort done at scale could artificially inflate download counts significantly.

Before You Join A Podcast Network, Check These 5 Boxes

Before You Join A Podcast Network, Check These 5 Boxes. As interest in podcasting heats up, networks new and old are reaching out to podcasters to make it a group effort.