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Tweaking Your Serialized Podcast For More Listener Love

My primary conceit is this: People who make serialized podcasts are doing a disservice to their listeners. My secondary conceit is this: Many people are making serialized content without realizing it.

Listening To Podcasts Is An Easy Habit To Break

My choice was to catch up on two serialized podcasts I’m listening to more or less in time with the show’s release schedule. One is a fiction podcast. The other is not.

If Podcasting Can't Please Everyone, Should We Even Try?

There are plenty of benefits people get from shows without an end in sight, so I’m not lobbying we all switch to making serialized content.

Podcast App Manifesto

And you don’t want to see the “most recent” episode of any serialized podcast presented to you first when you subscribe. Instead, every reasonable person wants to see the first episode listed first for serialized podcasts.

How To Add Legs To Your Content With Podcasting

They're doing it one chapter at a time in serialized podcast form. That should sounds familiar to those of you who've known me for more than a decade.

Taking The Creepy Out Of Personalized Podcasts

QCODE. knew that a listener—or perhaps lots of listeners—preferred to mainline the episodes of their serialized shows once they were complete?

Reducing Your Anxiety Around Big Podcasting Changes

What about serialized, self-contained podcasts that are complete and will never have another episode added? Will it say “n/a”? Or will Apple finally use the. tag that’s been in their spec for more than a decade? I don’t know, because no one knows.

Podcasting On Smart Speakers Isn't Dumb; It's The Future

It’s never the right answer for serialized podcasts, so I prefer to imagine a future where these helpful devices become even more helpful: “There are two seasons of this podcast. Season One is complete at 33 episodes.

Where's The Churn Rate In Podcasting?

While serialized or self-contained podcasts are growing in popularity, there's little doubt that most of the podcasts consumed by an average podcast listener are of the episodic, ongoing format. Every week, a new episode comes out.

All Your Podcast's Data Are Belong to Spotify

Serialized podcasts that drop all episodes of a season at once and then go dark for months or years. Podfaded shows that still get downloads. Experiments on new formats and styles of podcasting.