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Angling for Titles That Are More Than Just The Topic

Angling for Titles That Are More Than Just The Topic. If the most interesting thing about your podcast episode is the name of your guest… it's probably not a very interesting episode. Here's why you need to think more about your angle and your title for

Getting Fickle Podcast Listeners To Listen More

heard. Those two tools: the title of your episode and something called a cold open. Two Rules For Podcast Titles. I’ve harped on podcast titles many, many times over the years, so. use the search feature if you want some deeper insights. But for this

Podcast Categories Have A Bad Apple At The Core

categories for my clients’ shows. Increasing that list certainly won’t reduce my weariness, I think we’d all agree. But we’re not approaching the problem from the correct angle. Your. average bookstore has a few thousand titles on its shelf. at any given time. Not

Getting Past Podcasting's Linear Past

isn't a third choice, unless you consider the painful attempt at self-selecting which episodes to download from crappy titles and missing descriptions inside an RSS feed a choice. It's really not. Software can fix this problem, and I discuss it today on

Podcast SEO is Hard. Is It Worth The Effort?

those phrases. Yes, that means using specialized tools that cost money. 2. Agonize Over Your Episode Title. Yes, before you’ve created the episode. Before you’ve recorded a word. Before you’ve written a script. You have to try lots and lots of titles -- using

Title, Description & Image

Title, Description & Image. Part 1: Know Your Podcast, Know Yourself. December 17, 2018. Title, Description & Image. Article. Video. Article. As 2019 approaches, I think it's a good time for a bit of self-examination -- at least podcast self-examination

Turning SEO for Podcasts On Its Head

It’s great that you're spending time writing really in-depth episode details. That’s important. It’s great that you are spending time writing episode titles that are relevant and score high on the emotional scale. That's important. It’s great that you've

Podcasting On Smart Speakers Isn't Dumb; It's The Future

display results to me, these devices are limited in their response. Telling me “I found 36 podcasts with the keyword “confetti” in their titles. Would you like me to read out the titles of each podcast? Just say ‘That’s it!’ when you hear the name of the

Building Resilience Into Your Podcast

not disaster. prevention. Disaster is going to happen, you just have to be able to quickly bounce back. The best tip I have for you: don’t do. anything. live. Always work from a “paper” backup. Don’t write your titles, subtitles, and descriptions (key

How To Add Legs To Your Content With Podcasting

least. They’ve repurposed their Stories from Among the Stars podcast feed and are now. releasing full audiobook versions of some of their most popular titles on that feed. They're doing it one chapter at a time in serialized podcast form. That should