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Angling for Titles That Are More Than Just The Topic

list of topics, and I add to it frequently. After that, I try to figure out my angle. I’ve worked with a lot of editors, and most of them lament the fact that new content creators confuse topic and angle. They are not the same, I assure you. To me, I

Focus on One Topic The Whole Podcast Season

Focus on One Topic The Whole Podcast Season. Avoid burnout and make a better podcast? What's not to love? March 12, 2019. Focus on One Topic The Whole Podcast Season. Article. Video. Article. Every good presenter, blogger, or podcaster knows that each

Podcast Episode Planning For Hip-Shooters

need an angle. I've talked about topics and angles on the program today or previously, but an angle is where you want the conversation to go. What is your unique point of view about that topic? [00:05:46] You have to have those two things to start and then I

Podcast SEO is Hard. Is It Worth The Effort?

about angles a little bit yesterday. [00:04:42] You're going to talk about, you're going to figure out what the angle. Your show is going to be what the point of view you're going to take with that keyword research you've done and that title in mind. Great

Making Your Podcast More Than Just An Interview

stories that are perfectly aligned to the topic and angle you wanted to cover. That is how you make an interesting interview podcast that people want to not just listen to once, but to come back and see what you have for them again and again. Great Interview

Playing Up (Or Down) Your Podcasting Personality

the angle of approach we take with our topics. That’s because we understand that, to be persuasive, we sometimes have to make subtle shifts in how we talk about a topic to make that topic more palatable to the people listening on the other end. Or we do

Normalize The Making Of Abnormal Podcasts... Again

I open up the show to other working podcasts just like you who have their own topics and angles they wish to pontificate about. If you’ve a burning topic and unique take on something related to the future of podcasting or ways to make podcasting better

Podcast Categories Have A Bad Apple At The Core

topics that need more exposure? I mean, just do a quick search on the topic on the word awareness week, right? Anything that has an awareness week probably could use some increased attention that it doesn't get right now from the current list of categories

The Long & Short Of Better Podcast Episodes

television shows change camera angles every few seconds. It’s rare (and intentional) to see a long, single-camera angle shot for 15 minutes. Heck, it gets weird on TV to see the same angle for more than 15. seconds. ! Psychology tells us we have about two

Turning SEO for Podcasts On Its Head

people infected with the virus. Find your angle on a popular topic and make an episode just for that. So how do you find what searchers are actually searching for? There are lots of tools out there, like. UberSuggest. , SEMRush. , and a whole lot more. I'm not