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My Podcast Can Beat Up Your Facebook Live

Only, that's not the whole truth. It's the three-second truth. When you dig deeper, you see that most of the views are for just a few seconds. Doesn't matter. A view is a view, so it's counted.

If Podcasting Can't Please Everyone, Should We Even Try?

But there’s truth in their criticism if only we’re brave enough to look. February 23, 2021. If Podcasting Can't Please Everyone, Should We Even Try? Article. Video. Transcript. Article. There's just no pleasing some people.

4 Questions To Uncover Your Podcast's Unique Point Of View

The truth is figuring out your show’s unique point of view is hard. Asking these four questions can help. October 28, 2021. 4 Questions To Uncover Your Podcast's Unique Point Of View. Article. Video. Transcript. Article.

Podcasting A Hot Take Without Coming Off Like A Jerk

Is this the truth? Think about the thing that has you all riled up. Maybe you saw it as a trending topic on social media. Maybe someone forwarded you something that set your blood boiling.

Open Rate: Podcasting's Forgotten Metric

Many of us don't want to face the truth, but the reality is that many downloads are never listened to. Shocked? Don't be. Email marketers have known this for a very long time. It's not good enough to track delivery.

Can Podcasts Keep The Trust They've Earned?

To be clear, I'm talking about. trust. , not. truth. Truth is a whole different topic that I. 've gotten into in the past. , and I'm sure I'll dive into again. But for today, we're just talking trust. And people trust podcasts. Like. a lot.

Podcasting Is A Numbers Game You Don't Have To Play

The truth is that. some. of those numbers may be important to podcasting overall. Some. of those numbers may be important to you and how you judge the success of your podcast.

Indie Podcasting Does Not Mean Poor Podcasters

But there is some truth in the old adage, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

Warning Our Way To Less Toxic Podcasting

There are a lot of material questions I didn't answer, like the obvious one of who is the arbiter of truth. I see the same slippery slope you do.

The Mental Healthy Way To Podcasting Opportunities

There’s a kernel of truth in the adage, no pain, no gain. But let me impart another nugget of wisdom: Opportunity will knock again. Marquee Sponsors: ℹ️. Sometimes, it’s the very same opportunity, or one quite similar.