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Podcast Pontifications occupies a unique niche in the podcasting landscape, attracting dedicated podcasters—at all levels—who are keenly interested in making podcasting better. New episodes of the podcast, as well as written-to-be-read articles, are released and distributed Monday - Thursday when the podcast is in production, from early January through the end of May, and after the July 4th holiday through the end of October.

Collective audience, as of Sept 3, 2021:

  • 1,692: Unique listeners, via Captivate.fm over last 28 days
  • 397: Newsletter subscribers, with a ~30-40% open rate
  • 1,055: Medium followers, with every article re-published to Medium
  • 2,975: Unique visitors to PodcastPontifications.com, via Google Analytics over last 30 days
  • 1,937: New users landing directly on 296 different episode detail pages (as opposed to browsers navigating the site)

Interesting facts about the Podcast Pontifications audience:

  • More than 85% of listeners report using a podcast listening app other than Apple Podcasts
  • 62.5% of listeners report earning +$100K annually
  • 90% are college-educated
  • 92.5% listen to other podcast about podcasting
  • 65.1% of podcast downloads originate in the US
  • 42.9% of website users are international (outside the US)

Podcast Pontifications does not sell ads, but instead provides sponsorship opportunities. See below for options.

Title Sponsorship

Maximize the exposure for your podcasting-related product or service—to the right audience.

  • Your sponsorship message, narrated by Evo, will be inserted after the cold open of each podcast episode produced and published.
  • Your product or service will have top placement in the “Links” section of the episode details (aka “show notes) of each corresponding episode.
  • The text of your sponsorship message and the logo for your product or service will be included and linked near the top of each Podcast Pontifications In Your Inbox newsletter edition of each published episode.
  • That same text will be added to the top of the article written for each episode, published on PodcastPontifications.com.
  • That same text will be added, in a similar position, to the Medium post published for each episode.

PRICING: $500 per calendar month (exclusive)

Supporting Show Showcase

Get your podcast seen by engaged podcasters who care about podcasting.

  • Your podcast will be listed in and linked from the "Supporting Show Showcase" text block, added to the middle of each published article on PodcastPontifications.com.
  • The SSS text block will also be added to each Podcast Pontifications In Your Inbox newsletter edition of each published episode.
  • The SSS text block will also be added to the Medium post published for each published episode.

PRICING: $50 per week (limit of 5)

Supporting Member

Proudly proclaim your support for Podcast Pontifications.

  • Your logo added to and linked from the Supporting Members section on the home page of PodcastPontifications.com.
  • Your name and a link of your choosing added to the Who Supports Podcast Pontifications section of each Podcast Pontifications In Your Inbox newsletter edition of each published episode.

DURATION & PRICING: Recurring monthly contribution - $25

Ready to support Podcast Pontifications?

To book Title Sponsorship or Supporting Show Showcase options, please contact Evo with your information as well as your preferred sponsorship dates. These sponsorships have limited availability, so your flexibility is appreciated.

To become a Supporting Member, please visit BuyMeACoffee.com/evoterra and sign up for a Membership.

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