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Podcast Pontifications occupies a unique niche in the podcasting landscape, attracting dedicated podcasters—at all levels—who are keenly interested in making podcasting better.

Your sponsorship of Podcast Pontifications demonstrates your commitment to the future of podcasting and ensures the continuance of this publication.

Note: Podcast Pontifications does not sell ads, but instead provides sponsorship opportunities for quality podcast-related products and services that make podcasting better. Every sponsor is personally vetted by the host of Podcast Pontifications, Evo Terra.

The following sponsorship opportunities for relevant partners for 2022 are as follows:

Title Sponsorship

Maximum exposure for your podcasting-related product or service to the right audience for an entire month.

PRICING: $1500/month

  • Your sponsorship message, narrated by Evo, inserted after the cold open of each episode (includes back catalog)
  • Top placement in the “Links” section of the episode details (aka “show notes)
  • Your sponsorship message and logo added and linked near the top of each Podcast Pontifications In Your Inbox newsletter edition
  • Your sponsorship message and logo added and linked near the top of each article published on PodcastPontifications.com
  • Your sponsorship message and logo added and linked to each Medium post published
  • Title Sponsorship exclusive to one (1) sponsor per calendar month

Marquee Sponsorship

Get the message of your product/service in front of engaged podcasters who care about podcasting.

PRICING: $500/month

  • The name and marketing slogan/tag of your company mentioned mid-episode (includes back catalog)
  • Inclusion in the “Links” section of the episode details (aka “show notes)
  • Your company logo and tag added and linked within in each Podcast Pontifications In Your Inbox newsletter edition,  article published on PodcastPontifications.com, and each Medium post published
  • Limit of three (3) Marquee Sponsors per calendar month

Branded Benefit Sponsorship

A clear and concise demonstration of how serious podcasters can use your product or service to make podcasting better.


  • An entire episode of Podcast Pontifications where you and Evo demonstrate how your product or service makes podcasting better, including what differentiates it from the competition and what's on your product development roadmap for the immediate future
  • Episode receives full distribution treatment - audio episode, website article, newsletter edition, and Medium post
  • Episode has no expiration date
  • Episode can be embedded on your site or used in other promotional efforts of your choosing
  • Branded Benefit exclusive to one (1) sponsor per calendar month

Supporting Member

Proudly proclaim your support for Podcast Pontifications.
PRICING: Recurring contribution of $19/month
  • Your logo added to and linked from the Supporting Members section on the home page of PodcastPontifications.com.
  • Your name and a link of your choosing added to the Who Supports Podcast Pontifications section of each Podcast Pontifications In Your Inbox newsletter edition of each published episode.
  • Exclusive access to a members-only section of the Advancing Podcasting community

Podcast Pontifications By The Numbers

Collective audience, as of Aug 1, 2022:

  • 3,269 Unique listeners, via Captivate.fm over prior 90 days
  • 561 Newsletter subscribers, with a 47.2% open rate (prior month)
  • 3,426 Medium followers, with every article re-published to Medium
  • 3,205 Unique visitors to PodcastPontifications.com, via Google Analytics (prior month)
  • 2,569 New users landing directly on 217 different episode detail pages (as opposed to browsers navigating the site)

Interesting facts about the Podcast Pontifications audience:

  • More than 85% of listeners report using a podcast listening app other than Apple Podcasts
  • 62.5% of listeners report earning +$100K annually
  • 90% are college-educated
  • 92.5% listen to other podcast about podcasting
  • 66.5% of podcast downloads originate in the US (last 30 days)
  • 38.7% of website users are international (last 30 days)

Podcast Pontifications Is No More

But Evo does have a new weekly newsletter called The End shines a light back on audio fiction shows when they've reached the—or at least a—conclusion. Check it out!