"Your Pontificating Got In My Podcast!"

Well... sort of. But you can syndicate my "Minute of Pod Zen" in the episodes of your podcast about podcasting, and give your listeners something to think about!

Minute of Pod Zen logo

What is "Minute of Pod Zen"?

Minute of Pod Zen is a condensed version of select episodes of Podcast Pontifications that are, as the name suggests, roughly 60-seconds long. Here's a sample:

For each episode of Podcast Pontifications published, I'll also make available to my syndication partners a Minute of Podcast Zen version, so their content is always fresh.

Syndicating MoPZ in your podcast

If your podcast is about podcasting, new media, or another relevant topic where featuring an always-fresh take on the present and future of podcasting makes sense, I'd love for you to include a Minute of Pod Zen in your podcast!

Here's how to make that happen:

  1. Make sure your podcast hosting company can ingest VAST tags. This is nothing more than a URL that connects your podcast media hosting company with mine. Whooshkaa, ART19,  Megaphone, and others are VAST-ready. For others, a quick outreach to their support channel will confirm if they can handle it.
  2. Decide if you want the free version or the customized version. The free version may, at some point, become sponsor-supported, with a very brief "brought to you by" message included. With the customized version, I'll instead include your show branding at the top and tail for a nominal fee.
  3. Get in touch with me! Send me an email and we'll get started right away. I'll even walk you through the steps of setting up the necessary but straightforward work on your hosting provider. Their backends can be a little daunting unless you too have spent the better part of 20 years running dynamic ad campaigns. And I'm a giver!

Want to try it out first?

I'm syndicating the free version of my Minute of Pod Zen as an Alexa Flash Briefing. Just enable the skill, and the next time you say "Alexa, play my flash briefing", you'll hear my latest episode.

"Can I subscribe to Minute of Pod Zen in my podcast listening device?"

In a word; no.

In around 70 words; Podcast Pontifications will always be free to listen to in its entirety on any and all podcast listening platforms, like the ones listed below. But Minute of Pod Zen isn't a stand-alone podcast: It's a short bit of audio content designed to be consumed in another container, like another podcast or as a routine on a smart speaker. I'm a firm believer in making the right content for the right medium.